We provide professional inputs to initiate and upgrade the real estate portfolio


a team of academically & professionally qualified Chartered Valuation Surveyors, Chartered Real estate Consultants, Town Planners, Architects & Engineers that have years of experience in working with public and private organizations that engage in the field of Real Estate and property development.

Strategic Partner

Having studied your present status of the business inline with your mission, vision and the existing market, we roll up our sleeves and dive into the work as a strategic partner to make successful unique organization in your respective field.

Qualified Partner

We are a academically & professionally qualified Chartered Valuation Surveyors, Chartered Real estate Consultants, Town Planners, Architects & Engineers that have years of experience in working with public and private organizations.

Trusted and Reliable

It’s a rare opportunity and great advantage to find an experienced, trusted, reliable and professional Consultant in the real estate industry that who can always deliver over our expectation.


Best services for

Your Real Estate Success

We helped many inverters and individuals to build their property portfolio faster and safer than the average investor.


We provide guidance and consultation for your property investment decision regarding property development, real estate management and planning inputs to make a successful real estate portfolio.


We guide and help you to implement result-driven strategies on investing and management in the real estate.


We become your trusted partner that you can trust to study, design & implement your new real estate development project.


Professional and qualified and reliable valuation services by Eminent Fellow Chartered Valuation Surveyors.


Marketing of all investment portfolios and real estate products including transactions, brokering and auctioning.


We will add significant value to your property investment asset engaging best services of an expert and professional Chartered Real Estate Property Managers to make the maximum yield.

AAPL Real Estate guided by RICS Eminent Fellow
G.W.G Abeygunawardene

He is a well known RICS Eminent Fellow Chartered Valuation Surveyor with over 35 years of public and private sector experience. Under his guidance, AAPL Real Estate has undertaken many large scale public and private real estate projects along with the valuation services in the commercial, tourism, agricultural, leisure and industrial sector in particular for banks, financial institutes, and accounting.

Our vision is to become the leader in real estate services in South Asia.

We have been living in an oversaturated real estate market for quite some time. With the economic downturn of COVID-19 with the uncertainty and a potential recession looming, here how we set ourself apart and continue to push boundaries and find our place in the market and become a market leader in real estate.

01. We Find Opportunities

We always try to be the first-time home buying expert and to have our finger on the pulse of the rapidly changing real estate market. We always strive to find opportunities for innovating and solving problems.

02. We Solve Problems

We always do our research to determine what our clients are lacking. Once we have that data, We strive to solve those problems. We always are the initiator to network with our client/community to help.

03. We Add Value

We always offer value-added services and incentives to our precious clients. This enables us to attracts a larger audience and makes customer happy and retention stronger.

04. We Stay on Top of Trends

Real estate trends change all the time. Therefore we always do our research and homework to keep on top of trends. This enables us to help our clients with up to date solutions.

We are trusted by more than 1300+ clients annually.

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. Therefore we always make sure we maintain an ongoing and regular dialogue with all customers and service each type of client appropriately while providing a quality service.

Clients with projects proudly crafted by us

Our teams have many years of experience of working with market-leading organisations and talented, highly skilled people across all sectors. This knowledge and academic and professional qualifications have enabled us to act as a result-driven real estate partner that brings success.

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