Valuation for Insurance Purpose

In the context of insurance, valuation refers to assessing the property to determine the amount to be insured. This helps both the owner and the insurer to come to an agreement as to which amount the property should be insured.

Service Overview

The insurance value of the property (building or machinery) is particularly is valued on the basis of its balanced cost or on actual cash value. That would be the amount that cost to replace it as it is. In most cases, it is significantly more than it can earn if it is sold in the open market. In the event is any disaster or damage occurred an independent valuation of the damage would be carried out by our professional valuer. If the actual cost of replacement when the building is not insured for the correct replacement cost, then the insurance you get would be not enough to cover your actual damage.

Who Need This Service?

Owners of buildings and properties, Insurance companies, financial institutions, government

When they Need This Service?

  • When an owner need to insure his/her asset.
  • Insurance companies who want to determine the installments to be charged.

01. To avoid being the victim

To avoid being the victim when requesting claims, because the asset has being underinsured.

02. No over insurance

To make sure there are no excessive premiums due to over insurance.

03. The negotiating power

It gives added negotiating power when it comes to renewal.

04. Risk mitigation

Minimized interruption to business operations and compliance for risk mitigation

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