Valuation: Pre-purchase & Pre-sales Valuation

Many factors coincide in defining the value of a property. This service provides a ball-park estimate of the value of your property taking all local market factors into consideration.

Service Overview

This can be identified as the method of estimating the market price of a plant and machinery asset, commenced by our professional valuers. The base method of valuation is defined by the drive of valuation for instance if the intention of the valuation is to find the probable asking price in the open market, the sale comparable method may be appropriate. In advance, the private treaty is also a probable way of selling and the sale to an identified purchaser and one wants to determine the market value would be appropriate.

The Valuation of Plant & Machinery may be required to be sold on the open market when removing from their existing site, for use in their current working place, to be included on a company’s financial statements, for collateral purposes, to be sold to a known purchaser. Further, our plant and machinery valuation practice varies for the industries of Mining, Metal, Power, IT, Hospitality & Healthcare, Petrochemical, Transport, Entertainment, Marine, Utilities, Construction, Foods & Beverage, Packaging, Electronics & Pharmaceuticals.

Who Need This Service?

Individuals who are purchasing and selling off property, Corporates who looking to purchase or sell their properties, financial institutions, government.

When they Need This Service?

  • When purchasing a property.
  • When selling of a property.
  • When acquiring another property.

01. To make the correct decision

Having a foundational base to make the correct decision.

02. To negotiate with clear facts

Able to negotiate with clear facts in hand.

03. Build credibility

Build credibility and trust between both parties.

04. Creates a win-win situation

Creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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